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Welcome to EXOLink Help for Corporate users.

Please provide info on access to the Wholesale Portal?

- Permission to access the WHOLESALE ONLY section of the app may be granted to approved parts suppliers and workshops who have registered with their sales rep and received suitable training. This section allows approved suppliers to easily prepare and issue orders prior to their reps regular visits. Access to these facilities, are activated after a data download and use of the password issued. Your rep may also provide logon credentials that will allow access to monthly specials and product pricing. If you are using an itunes store pre-release version of the app, you may download, then use the password PRIVATE to access the supply portal. For further details, please ask your rep, they will be happly to help.

Where might I find Sqlite database management resources?

Where is Filezilla found?

What is a Cpanel webserver?

Can I use my existing corporate website, and do I need a Cpanel?

- In most cases you can. It does not necessarily need to be a Cpanel installation

What FTP folders are needed?

- One for each rep e.g. rep01, rep02, rep05, then one for corporate e.g. corp01, these names are your choice. The following folder names are mandatory in version 1.0.1. Under each rep you will need "sqldata","logo","data". Under the corp you will need "data". Under the root folder of your web site you will need "prod"

I do not have a website, how much will one cost to setup?

- We suggest you contact a local hosting provider, in Australia we recommend:

I have created FTP folders for my reps, are these secure?

- You should add a security .htaccess file to each folder to ensure that these folders remain private (however, do not use this in the prod folder) e.g.: http://www.vorderentry.com/security/htaccess.txt

I have an FTP account that has the user name john@myweb.com but cannot access my site, can you help?

- The use of @ in not permitted, most FTP accounts will accept the + character instead of a @, most internet providers supply an alternative to using @

When my product or client data contains the character ~, why is the email and upload data display distorted ?

- As with @ in FTP access, the ~ character is a special one in VOE, used to manage field seperation, if we receive sufficent requests, we will provide a solution where you can configure your own field seperator.

I have added my product images to my website location:http://www.myweb.com/prod/ with e.g. the format Spanner77.JPG but this displays a blank page, why ?

- Product images must be named in lower case and use the .gif format, the format is "mystockcode.gif" , this control may also be relaxed if we have sufficient requests.

Data Samples:

Sqlite file used by VOE

Output datafile (type one) for custom parsing (when order is processed by VOE)

Output datafile (type two) using an example of attache parsing (when order is processed by VOE)

Output email (when order is processed by VOE)

Here is a sample of the htaccess file mentioned above (rename to .htaccess before use) (to be placed in each reps folder on your webserver - otherwise the files will be public)