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Welcome to EXOLink FAQ for Corporate Users.

What expertise is required to setup the backend server support to make best use of this application:

EXOLink is designed to suit different levels of expertise. Its easier to deploy if your have access to an inhouse IT department, but it this is not the case, the system may still be deployed on a basic scale.

You need to be able to use an sqlite manager to update your data, have access to shared folders on a web server, and be able to ftp data to that web service.

The system uses an industry standard sqlite database to manage data downloaded to your Ipad.

Free tools to add/update data on the Sqlite database may be downloaded from the internet.

Free tools to upload the sqlite data file to your webserver may also be obtained from the internet e.g. filezilla

You may update and upload data various ways e.g.:

(1) manually via a downloadable sqlite manager, then ftp the updated file to your webserver using a free program such as Filezilla.

(2) if you have access to IT programming staff, they shoud be able to prepare a module to automatically extract data from your company database and then upload the fully data populated sqlite file to your webserver.

(3) We can provide our expertise, just contact us.

VOE can use an industry standard CPanel webserver to host the data that will give your reps access to your most up to date company client and stock details.

CPanel setup

(1) Create a Cpanel FTP account for each rep

(2) Under each of these accounts, create three support folders: sqldata,logo,data (the reps folders are usually created automatically when you install FTP accounts under CPanel ). The office uploads the latest data to "sqldata", this enables the Reps to download from the same location.

(3) Create a master Cpanel Ftp account for uploaded orders.

(4) Under this account, create a single folder called "data" . This folder will receive a data file from each rep as each order is processed. All rep data is usually polled to a single location, however this is up to you. If you have the ICT expertise, this file may then be used to process the order in your corporate accounts. We have included two data file formats, and may add many more based on your feedback.

If you have no receiving web server, then this may be considered:

The rep created data file mentioned above is also included in the Order Email (as an attachment), so if you do not have a receiving webserver, you can still use the file via a drop-box system on your corporate server (again talk to your programming department).