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New: Our ' 2 Factor RDT ' Ver 2.0 has just been released - secure remote access via device token (independent of Active Directory or Cloud service).

The Problem:

Recent government legislation recommends that all businesses and services provide customers, staff and suppliers the ability to scan a QR code with a tracer app or an alternative record-keeping system or process that supports contact tracing (such as appointment records or a paper-based sign-in register).

Businesses and services include: • voluntary and not-for-profit services • both public sector and private sector businesses and services • businesses and services that provide space for other businesses and services to operate within, such as shopping malls and marketplaces • businesses and services that provide facilities or venues for events or activities if people pay to attend the event or participate in the activities or pay to hire the facility or venue; and • playing sports professionally or semi-professionally.

The Solution:

We’re currently promoting SecuRDT as a shopping-town or town precinct solution, where each business owner is identified via a QR code.:

  • Individual business.
  • Shopping Town precinct.
  • Business precinct

We have developed an electronic check-in system for whole of shopping precinct to ease the pain of visitor check-ins so that each person’s shopping experience is seamless.

Queues at the doors of busy premises is resulting in shoppers leaving or being frustrated. Each shop should be able to welcome as many customers as wish to visit, as efficiently and promptly as possible. We predict that our solution should average less than 10 seconds per entry.

In the light of the possible expansion of legislation to all commercial locations, minimising check-in time is critical to business continuity. Existing web-based online database logon solutions require repeated patron data entry for each check-in.

The Process & Deliverables:

Our solution uses an Apple or Android app with pre-registered user details.

Each business in the precinct prints a unique QR code that differentiates its identity.

Shoppers scan a QR code on entry and then commence shopping as registered patrons.

If required, patron check-ins may be confirmed instantly by reception.

The same app allows entry to all shops in the precinct (with the SecuRDT QR code at their store entry).

The service is free and any business can setup (& create a QR sign) using instructions on our website.

The solution depends on economy of scale, once everybody has the app, and every shop has a QR entry sign. the business of check-in should be a minor impediment to normal commercial activities.

Because our solution uses distributed processing, it can handle over a million transactions per second.

Recommended for the following sectors:

Securdt was designed to be fully scalable. It maybe deployed on any sized business from an individual entity to an entire shopping complex. It is easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

Service links:

SecuRDT Website

SecuRDT 2021 for iPhone

SecuRDT 2021 for Android

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